Welcome To Fallen Maple

your scaly sketchasuar body clawed into the shadow of a cave, looking around you saw plenty of sketchasaur wearing tribal skulls, they looked at you and all tilted there head at the same time

"may i join this tribe? please! i need a shady place to live! i will be very very loyal!" you hissed flicking your forked tounge. a orangy maple leaf colored one padded up to you, you stared at her weird color

"yes you may, welcome to Tribe of Fallen Maple, i am Maple the Leader" she nodded, you jaw dropped as she held up 4 skulls, a skull of the normal, a skull of the hunter, a skull of the noble and a skull of the shaman.


Name rank gander mate youths Novice look weapon username
Maple Leader Female none none none maple leaf colored with red eyes tail spikes Goldenstone
Honey Shaman female none none none honey colored with amber eyes and grey underbelly poison berry Goldenstone
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island allies

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thank you for reading ~maple of Fallen Maple

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